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Superhero Sandbox (VR)

What would it be like to move like a Superhero? · By mrphilipjoel


Recent updates

0.0.3 - "Now with Less Motion Sickness!"
New Stuff: Fixed a gamebreaking bug if the debug menu wasn’t open. Backend script organization Small Frame Rate boost thanks to some optimization (Flying) Add...
3 files
0.0.2 - "I Believe I Can Fly...with Friends!"
Multiplayer is here! With Voice Chat! Also, if you want to see the horrible frame rate you are getting, you can it the primary button on your right hand...
3 files
0.0.1 - "I Believe I Can Fly!"
I've had this game concept for a long time now. Finally decided to start building it, and get some community feedback. The main idea, is there will be many diff...
3 files

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