0.0.1 - "I Believe I Can Fly!"

I've had this game concept for a long time now. Finally decided to start building it, and get some community feedback.

The main idea, is there will be many different "Super Movement" types. But, you won't just move by using your joystick.

For example, in this release, you "make a fist" and fly in the direction your fist is pointing.

I'm going to build a release after every feature so the community can try it out and provide feedback.

Some things I wish this release had:

-A 'run' button. Right now you walk, or you fly. There is no 'running'. Sorry about that.

-I had some 'rolling' logic for when you're flying, but it was pretty buggy. So, I pulled it out, because I wasn't even sure how many people would want that feature anyway.


superheroSandbox_quest.apk 66 MB
Jan 17, 2023
superheroSandbox_pico.apk 64 MB
Jan 17, 2023
Windows.zip 95 MB
Jan 17, 2023

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