0.0.3 - "Now with Less Motion Sickness!"

New Stuff:

  • Fixed a gamebreaking bug if the debug menu wasn’t open.
  • Backend script organization
  • Small Frame Rate boost thanks to some optimization
  • (Flying) Added Particle Effect when you initiate ‘Hover’.
  • (Speedster) added particles and hands and body.
  • Added some traditional settings in the settings menu
  • You can change the color of your cowl and hands and visible over network
  • You can see hands over network
  • MUCH improved framerate. Average around 72 FPS on Pico 3 Neo.

Known Bugs:

  • Reloading scene makes settings panel never close
  • Changing your color only shows up the next time you open app
  • Hands aren’t destroyed when player leaves
  • Pico Menu Button doesn’t work on controllers (just HMD)
  • During one test, the Quest 2 kept crashing when trying to become a speedster


superheroSandbox_pico.apk 86 MB
Feb 05, 2023
superheroSandbox_quest.apk 88 MB
Feb 05, 2023
Windows.zip 109 MB
Feb 05, 2023

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