Release Notes:


-Set PlaymakerFusionRPCHandler to DoNotDestroyOnLoad (but doesn't happen until NetworkRunner has connected)

-If RPCHandler variable not set on PlaymakerFusionNetworkRunner, it looks for it


-Added ability to get PlayerID from 'OnPlayerJoined' and 'OnPlayerLeft'

-Added 'FusionRpcPlayer'

-Added a bool to 'FusionSpawnNetworkObject' to set as local player object

-Minor Bug Fix


-The Demo Input Actions Were not In the Previous Versions

-Added a FAQ

-Fixed issue with 'HasInputAuthority' and 'HasStateAuthority' that would error if wasn't a networkobject.

-Fixed issue with 'FusionObjectWhoHasStateAuthority' that would cuase error if wasn't a networkobject.

-Added ability to start game in GameMode.Single so a player can play offline

-Added 'GetNetworkObjectId' action

-Added 'GetNetworkObjectComponent' action

-Added 'FusionRpcToNetworkObject' action

-Added 'RequestStateAuthority'


-Made changes to the Runner Shutdown action

-Made Changes to PlaymakerFusionNetworkRunner component

1.0.0 - Initial Release


Playermaker_Fusion_Integration_1_1_2.unitypackage 130 kB
Jul 07, 2023

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