This game was made for Trijam #119

For along time I've been wanting to do a game with Crayon Art.

My wife and son both helped me out on this. My wife did most of the crayon art. My son did the cloud, and the font.

Controls: Point and Click to shoot the bad guys. Also seems to work fine on an iPad too.

Time Breakdown:

  • About 131 Minutes of Programming
  • Wife spent about 30 Minutes drawing
  • I spent about 6 minutes on sound.
  • Son spent maybe 6 minutes helping with font and the cloud

I really wanted to do 100% of it original without assets. But, I am not a musician, and every "soundtrack" I tried just making with my voice was awful. So, I went to my trusty source for the soundtrack: 

Music by Eric Matyas

Made withUnity


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That got so fast at the end, I was trying to see how long it would go haha but my hand gave out on me. Characters/art is excellent, awesome job! Got to 390 (itch isnt letting me post pics?)

Holy cow! That is a new highscore for sure! Did you like how the music sped up with the game?

absolutely, that was a great touch and added to the intensity!