This game was made for the ScoreSpace Ultimate Arcade Jam

Used for leaderboard.

Used PUN2 from for multiplayer.

Used Playmaker Visual Scripting.

Used Dreamtek Forever Runner Plugin.

This was the first time we collaborated with each other. We randomly teamed up for this Jam. It was a great teamup. Our only issue, was we were both very busy this weekend, so only got to put a few hours into this game.

Use WASD or Arrow Keys (and probably gamepads will work find too) to run and jump and get as far as you can.

Your nuclear hero will lose power, so you need to collect atoms to keep from dying.

Don't fall, and don't go all the way left, or you die.

Features Currently Usable:

  • Solo Play (Still Fight for that Highscore)
  • Multiplayer (untested). Two players can enter a chat room together and ready up. I'm not actually sure if going 'ready' works. Didn't get time to test it. Hopefully it does. Assuming it does, two players can run the race at the same time. If not, then sorry, you'll just have to play in solo play.
  • Leaderboard (returns to Main room after 5 seconds, I think. It might be 10 seconds).

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