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3.0 - The New Progression System (32 New Actions)


LootLocker deprecated their old Progression system (that was simple XP and level up), and created a more verbose Progression System. Support for that new system has been added with 32 new actions.


2.1.1 - Google Play Authentication


Added a single action for Google Play Authentication


2.1.0 - Collectables and More Authentication


Added two actions so you can start interacting with LootLocker's "Collectable" system.

Be sure to read their documentation to understand how they are organized in the console.

These next actions I've had since day 1, but was afraid to put them in the asset, as I'm

not really set up to test their functionality. But, I have finally added actions to authenticate

with Apple, Steam, Nintendo, and Xbox. If you decide to use some of these, please reach out to me

in my Discord if you have any issues, so I can fix them ASAP. https://discord.gg/fyB9z2EsuJ


2.0.2 - Minor Fix and New Action


There was an error with the action "GetSingleKeyPersistentStorage" that would happen if there was no value for the key you were searching.

This is fixed.

Added the action "LootLockerNormalPurchaseCall". This requires you to have the Soft Currency system activated by LootLocker support.


2.0.1 - Minor Fix


There was a script error with the action called "LootLockerGetAssetListByFilter"

It is fixed with this update


2.0 - Asset Actions Update


-Using LootLocker Version 1.1.40

-Added logo to action categories (and action headers).

-Added error message capture to all applicable actions.

-Added LootLockerGetServerTime Action.

-Added Four UserGeneratedContent Actions.

-Added Ten actions related to managing LootLocker assets.

-Updated Demo Scene To Use Multiple FSMs instead of one giant FSM

-Updated link to 'Unity Quick Start' guide for LootLocker

-Created new Demo Panel for Assets "MP3 Player"


UPDATE 8/25/22: Updated package with missing action to Start the White Label Session.


LootLocker is a plug and play, cross-platform, game back end.

This integration is not an official integration created by LootLocker or Playmaker.

Features of LootLocker include:

  • Achievements
  • Collectables
  • Crafting (Coming Soon)
  • Energy
  • Heroes & Classes
  • Leaderboards
  • Mission
  • Progression
  • Triggers

This asset you are purchasing is a Playmaker integration. It doesn't yet include an entire implementation of the LootLocker API. The key features of this asset implement the following "white label" (signing up or logging in with email address or username) LootLocker Features:

  • Player Signup Sign in (to save player data in the cloud)
  • Leaderboards (with or without metadata)
  • XP and Progression
  • Key/Value Pair Cloud Storage (create your own player attributes you want to save)

Here is a list of every Playmaker action included in this asset:


  • CheckWhiteLabelSession
  • End Session
  • StartGuestSession
  • StartGuestSessionWithStringIdentifier


  • CheckActiveSession
  • InitNewConfig


  • GetMemberRank
  • GetScoreList
  • SubmitScore
  • SubmitScoreWithMetaData


  • GetPlayerName
  • GetXpAndLevel
  • SetPlayerName
  • SubmitXp

Player Storage:

  • GetSingleKeyPersistentStorage
  • UpdateOrCreateKeyValue


  • WhiteLabelLogin
  • WhiteLabelPasswordReset
  • WhiteLabelSendVerificationEmail
  • WhiteLabelSignUp

LootLocker has many features not implemented yet in this Playmaker Integration. If there is something missing that you want, comment on this page, or reach out to me in the lootlocker-playmaker channel in my discord: https://discord.gg/fyB9z2EsuJ


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