Ever since I did my first Trijam, I've wanted an excuse to attempt a multiplayer game.

With Trijam #123's theme being 'Hide or Get Caught', it seemed like a no-brainer to do a Multiplayer Hide-n-Seek game.

Rather than spend a lot of time giving the player the ability to move objects, open doors, cover themselves with things to hide, I thought it would be simpler to give the player the ability to 'shrink down'. Turned out to be super fun.

Single Player

  • Count to 10. Find out where your dog is hiding. When you find him, the level will reload after 3 seconds.


  • Only one room will be allowed
  • Max players is 4
  • If anyone leaves mid game, might cause it to break
  • If you have any issues, everyone should quit and rejoin one at a time
  • When you start the match, 'seeker's' screen will go black for 10 seconds while all the other players go hide.
  • Players try to stay hidden for 180 seconds. After 180 seconds (+- 5 seconds), the base/safe will be displayed for the 'hiders' to run to before the 'seeker' can tag them.
  • First player that gets tagged, or the last player to get to base will be the 'seeker' in the next round


  • Move with WASD (or arrow keys to)
  • Use mouse to look around
  • Press SPACE to shrink down in size (makes it easier to hide)
  • You'll move slower when you are shrunk down
  • When shrunk, you move by flying, and you can only move forward in the direction you are looking.
  • If you are the seeker, get close enough to tag someone, make sure your white dot reticle is on them, then click your left mouse button to tag them.

Assets Used:

  • None of the art is mine. Everything except the dog is by Synty Studios. The Dog is by PolyPerfect.
  • Music by Eric Matyas www.soundimage.org

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