This was made for Trijam #120. Theme was coffee. I stopped trying to debug at the 5 hour mark. I only have 3 drinks that will pop up for you to make. Espresso, Doppio, and Cafe' Crema. I apologize that it will probably bug out after you finish making the first drink. 

Instead of making a fun silly game, I decided to make something more like a simulator. 

I had the bright idea to take pictures of my own kitchen, and use that as my game art. I thought this would save me time, and I'd have the whole project complete in 2 hours or something.

I was very wrong. 

What I didn't anticipate was needing to edit the photos, and the time that would take.

For gameplay, I thought programming that would be really fast, but I essentially had to build a mini combination quest/recipe system.

I don't regret my choices at all here though. It gave me the opportunity to try some things I hadn't tried before.

After the Jam, I hope to revisit this project to add every coffee 'recipe' from the infographic framed on the wall.

The Tutorial isn't fully complete, but let me give you an example on how to play.

If you're prompted to make an 'Espresso', here is how you would do it.

  1. Grab the espresso beans ( you may need to click twice for some reason)
  2. Click the beans onto the grinder
  3. Click the grinder to grind the beans
  4. Click the Portafilter/Groupo (connected to the espresso machine where the espresso would drip from).
  5. Click the large image of the Portafilter/Groupo to add the ground beans to it.
  6. Click under the Portafilter/Groupo on the espress machine to add a cup (I wanted to let you choose which cup to add, and make that another part of the game, but alas, didn't have the time).
  7. Click the top silver part of the espresso machine to zoom in on the buttons.
  8. Click the top button once to brew 1oz of espresso (after pressing  the button, just wait).
  9. Hooray! You should score points now!

I apologize for any bugs that still exist. It seems to be pretty random.


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I had zero idea what I was doing because I have never made coffee before... (We use a keurig) but I really got the hang of it after a few tries. The key is to do each step one immediately after the other; I initially thought I had to wait for the sounds to finish. Looking forward for the update!