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On this page I'll add misc custom Playmaker Actions I've made.

Playmaker is a Vistual Scripting Tool for Unity:


Most actions on this page are free. There are a few exceptions though. 

ReadyPlayerMeGraftAvatar is a premium action.
The price is $5. What makes this different than the ReadyPlayerMeLoadAvatar, is it allows you to graft the loaded avatar onto an Avatar you already have in your scene. This is useful so you can set up all your player logic ahead of time. Might not work with newer versions of ReadyPlayerMe, so I've made this free now.


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

PunGetPlayersInRoom.cs 846 bytes
ReadyPlayerMeGraftAvatar.cs 3 kB
ReadyPlayerMeLoadAvatar.cs 1 kB
PunGetRoomProperties.cs 4 kB

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Seems like you accidentally uploaded the .meta file for "ReadyPlayerMeGraftAvatar.cs". Would you mind uploading the .cs file itself? Happy to pay more than the $5! 

THanks for catching that! I have reuploaded!